Service Level Agreement

I. Cash Offers

1. All customers must be 18 years of age and older. Jay Brokers is unable to issue offers or conduct business with minors under the age of 18.
2. Offers are valid for 14 days from the date of issue. Items must be shipped to Jay Brokers on or prior to the expiration date (a valid pick-up or drop-off scan from UPS is required). Items shipped after the expiration date may be subject to an updated and/or reevaluated offer. For customers eligible for local pick-up, a pick-up request must be made a minimum of 7 days prior to the expiration date.
3. Offers are guaranteed for the item as described by the customer, including but not limited to condition, functionality, and included items. If a received item is not as described, Jay Brokers will e-mail the customer with photo or video evidence of the discrepancy along with an adjusted offer taking the discrepancy into consideration. If an adjusted offer is made, the customer has the option to accept the adjusted offer, or Jay Brokers can return the item free of charge to the customer. If an adjusted offer is made and the customer does not respond to Jay Brokers within 3 days, the adjusted offer will be automatically processed and sent out to the customer.
4. Jay Brokers is unable to honor and is not responsible for typographical errors clearly apparent on offer amounts (e.g. $1100 vs $100).
5. Offers saved or generated through the instant offer feature are valid for a quantity of 1 or via a combined, single checkout with a maximum quantity of 5 for a unique SKU or product. These restrictions apply per customer per month. Customers with larger quantities of identical items can request a personalized offer. Customers are not permitted to circumvent the controls in place whether by checking out multiple times back to back and/or opening multiple accounts.
6. Jay Brokers reserves the right to deny offers on specific items or to customers.
7. Where eligible, offers to buy new via affiliate links directing to are subject to the terms and conditions of As an Amazon affiliate, Jay Brokers may receive a commission for eligible orders placed on

II. Property

1. Customers must hold full legal ownership of items sent to Jay Brokers. Jay Brokers is unable to accept stolen goods, items acquired by fraudulent or illegal means, or items from third parties without consent and/or proof of ownership.
2. Serial numbers and other identifying information are processed through state and national databases of stolen property. Items identified as stolen property will be handed over to law enforcement or the rightful owner.
3. Items sent to Jay Brokers become property of Jay Brokers once in transit. It is not possible to cancel or retract an offer once an item is shipped.
4. Customers who solicit stolen goods to Jay Brokers that are identified as stolen after exchange of payment are liable for, but not limited to the following: (a) $100 larceny penalty fee per item, (b) associated original and return shipping costs, (c) full retail value of the item(s), (d) any damages incurred by Jay Brokers as a result of customer's theft.

III. Payments

1. Payments are sent within 24 hours of receiving your item during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9 A.M.-6 P.M., excluding holidays).
2. Payments sent by U.S. First Class Mail do not include tracking information, delivery confirmation, or a guarantee of delivery time, though delivery via U.S. First Class Mail is generally 2-10 business days. If you do not receive payment within 21 days of receiving a payment notification, please contact Jay Brokers and the check will be re-issued.
3. Payments sent by UPS Next Day Air will incur a shipping cost of $20-$30 deducted from the check total. The shipping cost is calculated directly from UPS published rates based on the destination zip code. UPS Next Day Air deliveries are guaranteed by UPS to arrive by the end of the following business day after being processed.
4. Payments sent as PayPal are subject to the PayPal User Agreement. Jay Brokers doesn't charge a fee for payment via PayPal. However, depending on your PayPal account type, PayPal may charge a 2-3% fee to receive the money.
5. Payments sent as Amazon Gift Cards are subject to the Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

IV. Shipments

1. Packages shipped through UPS via pre-paid labels provided by Jay Brokers are insured against loss or damage in transit equal to the agreed upon offer amount, up to a maximum of $999 (whichever is less) when dropped off at The UPS Store and/or the tracking number shows scans at a UPS center.
2. Packages tendered to third parties such as, but not limited to, access points and post offices are eligible at best for up to $100 in reimbursement by UPS.
3. Customers are responsible for the packaging, which includes but is not limited to boxes, tape, bubble wrap, peanuts, foam, and other packing materials.
4. Customers are responsible for properly packaging the item(s) using adequate packing material to protect the item(s) in transit. Jay Brokers and UPS are not responsible for items damaged in transit when inadequate packing material is used. At minimum, bubble wrap or foam should be used to surround the item(s) with at least two inches of packing material between the item and box. Larger and heavier items over 25 pounds require at least four inches of packing material between the item and box.
5. Shipments arriving at Jay Brokers as empty boxes or with contents missing will result in filing a police report with local law enforcement and/or law enforcement of the customer's city or county to ensure a trustworthy and timely resolution of the matter.
6. Customers should not attempt to interfere with UPS shipments whether by contacting UPS and requesting intercepts, investigations, and/or claims. All correspondence or inquiries concerning a UPS package should be made directly to Jay Brokers. Customers who initiate intercepts, investigations, claims, or any other matter directly with UPS void any and all guarantees or insurance for lost or damaged contents and may only eligible at best for up to $100 in reimbursement by UPS.
7. Customers requesting Jay Brokers to file insurance claims for lost packages must be accompanied by a valid drop-off receipt showing the date, location, weight, and tracking number in addition to providing the serial number of the item(s) in question (without such, claims are invalid). Claims must be filed within 30 days of the drop-off date. Requests missing a valid drop-off receipt and/or serial number may be void or at best only eligible for up to $100 in reimbursement by UPS.

V. Valuation

1. Items containing an odor, including but not limited to cigarette or tar, are subject to a 15% reduction of the offer.
2. Unless noted by the customer, offers are made with the assumption that items are designed for use in the United States. Any items containing foreign keyboard layouts, foreign OS licenses, and/or foreign power adapters should be disclosed to Jay Brokers in the initial offer request.
3. Jay Brokers is unable to offer additional value for software without original installation CDs, product keys, certificates of authenticity (COA), or other documents necessary for proper licensing.
4. The customer is responsible for disclosing any and all defects or imperfections including but not limited to missing parts, damaged parts, personalizations, engravings, heavy signs of wear, warped casing, dented casing, cracked casing, or any other flaw that hinders the functionality or aesthetic appearance of an item.
5. Jay Brokers assumes chargers, batteries, power supplies, and other parts required for basic functionality are included with an item unless noted by the customer.
6. Jay Brokers is unable to purchase aftermarket and/or 3rd party chargers, cables, and accessories. All chargers, cables, and accessories must be original and OEM products in order for offers to be valid.
7. If the customer fails to provide adequate specifications for an item and Jay Brokers makes disclosed assumptions, the customer is responsible for verifying the disclosed assumptions (customers will see a note in their offer if assumptions have been made). Failure to verify disclosed assumptions (if they are incorrect) may result in an adjusted offer upon receipt of an item if discrepancies exist.
8. Items missing serial numbers, ESNs, service tags, certificates of authenticity (COA), BIOS passwords, or other unique identifying information must be disclosed upfront to Jay Brokers with reasonable explanation.
9. Cell phones and subscription-based wireless products must have unregistered, "clean" ESNs. Items received with ESNs reported as lost or stolen will be transferred to an authorized representative of the appropriate wireless carrier (Sprint, Verizon, etc.).
10. Cell phones, tablets, watches, etc. with cellular subscription-based service must be paid off and/or removed from the customer's account. Devices with financed or past due balances are subject to a reduction in value up to 30%.

VI. Security and Privacy

1. Customers agree not to interfere with the selling process executed by Jay Brokers by engaging in unethical activities including, but not limited to bid shilling, phishing scams, or other adverse activities prohibited by eBay and Amazon policies.
2. Upon authorized requests from law enforcement, Jay Brokers may supply law enforcement with requested customer information and related transaction data.
3. Customers must provide their full legal contact information including first name and last name, identical to what shows up on their government issued ID. Customers must provide a physical address (PO Boxes are not acceptable). False or anonymous contact information is not permitted.
4. Jay Brokers respects your privacy by never reselling or distributing your personal information to any third party. All personal information is stored on secure servers protected by password access given only to authorized Jay Brokers employees.
5. All applicable items received at Jay Brokers undergo a standard data erasing process to ensure removal of customer data and information. Some items including but not limited to, items sold as non-working and items sold as parts, may not be eligible for undergoing a standard data erasing process. Customers agree not to hold Jay Brokers liable for any and all activity resulting from data or personal information left on items sold to Jay Brokers.
6. Customers may receive one to three follow-up responses to any direct e-mail or phone request. Customers can request to be removed from future follow-up contact at any point in time.
7. Customers who opt-in for the newsletter may receive a maximum of one e-mail update or newsletter each month or a maximum of twelve times per year.