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Would you like an instant cash offer for your Microsoft Xbox game system? Are you looking to sell your Xbox without even leaving your home? With Jay Brokers, you can do just that! At Jay Brokers we'll make you an immediate offer for your Xbox or other gaming system online. Begin by matching your own device to one of the models or series shown below.

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A quick Google search will reveal why Jay Brokers has consistently been awarded 5/5 stars for speedy and honest Xbox sales. You won't find a competitor with the same high standards of customer service as Jay Brokers. When selling an Xbox to one of our competitors, your payment may be sent out days or even weeks in coming. Worse still, less scrupulous websites sometimes change the offer between providing an initial estimate and paying out. At Jay Brokers, we don't do that—we don't make estimates or quotes that can change later on—it's dishonest and we pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency. Our cash offers are firm and guaranteed. We always pay the agreed upon amount for the agreed upon Xbox. Choose Jay Brokers to cash in your Xbox. Customers enthuse about our service, recognizing us as the best in the business for selling your Xbox.

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Sell your Xbox to Jay Brokers for a guaranteed amount or else we return it to you free of charge (if you selected the wrong condition or functionality, for instance). Our cash offers are guaranteed, meaning we always pay the agreed upon amount for the agreed upon Xbox. And, we always send payments to our customers on the next business day after receipt, rain or shine.

How to Trade in your Xbox for Cash
  1. When matching your Microsoft Xbox on our website, make sure you select the right model. Do be honest about the condition as well as any missing items. We won't necessarily reject your Xbox because there's something missing, but do make sure and tell us in advance. Thank you for your honesty!
  2. Don't wait too long to sell your Xbox. Electronics can malfunction if left to gather dust, especially when they have disposable batteries such as the controllers. Xbox models can depreciate rapidly whenever Microsoft releases a new model, so don't wait to sell it. Sell your Xbox today!
  3. At the same time game systems as popular as Microsoft's Xbox can also hold their value due to the nostalgia of classic gaming fans, so it's possible even an outdated Xbox may retain some value. Browse the Xbox models listed on our site above and see if your model is shown. You can get an instant cash offer on your Xbox 24/7 to find out what we'll pay you for it.
  4. If you still have questions regarding selling your Xbox, don't hesitate to email, text or give us a call. We're glad to help!
How We Work
  1. Find a matching Xbox model in the selections above, and we'll get you an instant cash offer with our online valuation tool. Remember to accurately identify the condition, functionality, and any included items.
  2. Lock-in our cash offer for your Xbox trade-in by adding it to your cart. Alternatively, save the offer to your email. Offers are good for 14 days.
  3. Once checkout is complete, just send your Xbox using the complimentary prepaid shipping label provided. Print this out using your home computer or a public library computer.
  4. Get paid the next business day after we receive your device. For example, if we receive your item on a Monday, your payment is sent out Tuesday. We can send a check in the mail, check via UPS Next Day Air, PayPal, or Amazon Gift Card.
Don't Waste another Minute—Sell Your Microsoft Xbox Today

Manufacturers like Microsoft keep improving their products and releasing new Xbox models almost every year. As a result, now is the perfect time to cash-in your Xbox.

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