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USPS First Class Mail Delivery Delays

November 26th, 2020

USPS (Postal Service) is encountering unprecedented delays, impacting our customers and receiving checks in the mail.

We are currently receiving reports directly from customers concerning unprecedented delivery delays on customer checks (payments) being delivered via USPS First Class Mail. The reported delays began trickling in around the middle of November 2020. In some cases we have received reports of checks taking up to 2 weeks for delivery where in previous cases it would be delivered in 2-3 days under normal circumstances. We've also confirmed these unprecedented delays via news and media coverage. Furthermore we've reached out to USPS and they've explained that they are experiencing unprecedented delays due to coronavirus and peak season with Christmas deliveries. USPS has also advised that they have a shortage of postal workers in some sorting centers due to quarantines and a labor shortage. To make matters worse, the new Postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, has been making significant operational changes such as cutting overtime and shutting down sorting centers, which is causing disruptions and delays (in an attempt to make USPS profitable).

Regardless, here at Jay Brokers our pledge still remains the same. Rain or shine, we'll always send out customer payments on the next business day after receipt. Coronavirus or not, you can count on us to continue to deliver the same exceptional turn around time we've been known for over the last 20 years. However, with the USPS delays occurring we are being transparent and letting our customers know they may experience delivery days caused by USPS, even though payments are still going out on time as promised. In addition, if it helps to know, we're not seeing an uptick in lost or missing checks, but rather simply just delayed deliveries. Some customers are not experiencing any delays at all, so it appears to only affect select customers with no pattern or geographic commonality. We're suspicious that it may have something to do with select sorting centers that feed into to the delivery areas of our customers, but that is only speculation given the seemingly random nature of the apparent delays.

We realize these USPS delivery delays can be very disappointing and frustrating for our customers to deal with, but rest assured here at Jay Brokers we'll make sure you get paid one way or another. If you are encountering mail delivery delays and you have not received your check in the mail after 10 business days from the mailing date, please contact us and we'll be glad to initiate the process to get your existing check canceled and get a replacement expedited to you. We just have a simple 1-page check cancellation PDF to complete and return via email.

Furthermore, if timing is important to you and USPS delays would hinder your plans or cause issues for you, we also want to remind our customers that we offer three alternate and expedited payment options including check via UPS Next Day Air, PayPal, and Amazon Gift Card. We encourage customers to use one of those three expedited options in lieu of USPS First Class Mail if timing is critical or you do not wish to experience potential delivery delays by USPS. The bottom line is, we want to make sure our customers get paid up in a timely manner, so rest assured we'll do whatever necessary to make sure you get paid up in the end. If you have any questions or need assistance receiving your payment please don't hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this manner.