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How to Unbind Your DJI Drone

May 20th, 2023

Looking for the best method to unbind your DJI drone? In this video guide you'll see the best method to ensure it is done right. At the end you'll find a pro tip if you absolutely must do it remotely.

Today's video is going to be all about how to unbind your DJI drone before you sell it or give it to someone else (transcript below).

Now this is really important if you plan to sell or give away your DJI drone to someone else. It's similar to Apple's iCloud feature with the "Find my..." anti-theft prevention such that when you sell your iPhone to someone else you have to take it off your iCloud account first, otherwise whoever gets it--when they try to register, and add it to their account, it's going to give them an error message. So it's kind of the same concept with the DJI drones in terms of unbinding. And so this is a super important step, again, if you plan to sell or give away your drone.

So I'm going to walk you through how to do this. It is really quite simple. I've got a DJI Air 2S, but these instructions will apply to pretty much any DJI drone that uses the DJI Fly app. So you can see I've got a basic controller here and it is connected to Android. From the app drawer we're going to tap on DJI Fly to open the app. And then you'll see it defaults to the fly or take-off screen. We're going to go back here, by tapping on the "back arrow" in the upper corner. Now you can see we're at the home screen. We're going to tap on "Profile" down here. And then we're going to go to "Device Management." So under "Device Management" if I had more than one device you'd see them listed here, so if you have more than one drone you're going to make sure you select the right drone.

First we're going to go under "Value-Added Service." And notice how you have a red "unbind device" link there and it's going to show the remote controller ID. So first thing we're going to do is unbind the device and then we're going to go over here to the "Account and Device" and click "Remove Device from Account."

So let's go back to "Value-Added Service" click on that "Unbind Device." It's going to warn you that you're unbinding your drone. We're going to hit "Next." And then we're going to hit "Confirm." And it says "Unbinding Successful." Now we can tap on the "X" up here. And you'll notice under here it still lists the device here. I like to be extra thorough and go ahead and remove the device as well. So we'll hit "Remove Device." Again it's going to warn you. Hit "Next" and "Confirm" and "Confirm" again. Then it shows "Device Unbound from Account Successfully."

Alright so now you can see that it is not bound. In fact we have the option to rebind it to your account. And so if you accidentally take off the wrong device you can add it back on easily. These steps are super important so definitely make sure that you follow these steps if you're planning to sell your DJI drone to someone else. It'll just save a lot of time and hassle in the process. We made this video specifically for our customers, because as a secondhand shop we get a lot of drones that are already bound to existing customer accounts. And, of course when we test them we discover that and we have to get those removed before we can resell the drone, let alone pay our customers.

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