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Can I Sell Counterfeit Goods or Fake Gadgets?

March 15th, 2023

Are you looking to sell a counterfeit iPhone or a replica Samsung Galaxy? Or, maybe you're looking to sell fake AirPods? In summary it is illegal to sell counterfeit products in the USA. Here at Jay Brokers we cannot buy or sell counterfeit items under any circumstances whatsoever.

Maybe you bought an iPhone on Facebook Marketplace at a steeply discounted price and thought you were getting the deal of a lifetime. Or, perhaps you bought a pair of Apple AirPods on Alibaba at over 70% off compared to MSRP. You might have been completely unaware that the device you purchased was fake, hoping that you were getting an incredible deal. After all, who doesn't love a good bargain? But, then when the package arrived on your doorstep and you started using it, you became suspicious that the device was not authentic. Maybe the AirPods felt cheap or perhaps the noise cancellation didn't work. Or, in the case of an iPhone or Galaxy, perhaps the screen quality just didn't seem up to par compared to other devices you've owned. If you fell victim and purchased a counterfeit device, your best option is to first alert the seller and request a refund. It's possible was a simple misunderstanding, but if the seller has multiple quantities of the item, then chances are the seller is aware they are selling fake items and merely trying to take advantage of others. If you're unable to get a refund by contacting the seller directly first, then your best option is to contact your local law enforcement and they will assist you in reporting the counterfeit merchandise. However, under no circumstances should you attempt to resell the counterfeit item as it is illegal in the United States of America to sell counterfeit or fake goods.

Fake or Counterfeit Devices

As a veteran online business with over 20 years of experience we have literally seen just about everything when it comes to counterfeit and fake items. From customers that claim to that a friend gifted them a counterfeit iPhone to customers who pretend to have no knowledge of possessing fake AirPods, the stories and explanations typically sound innocent for the most part. In some cases we've even encountered customers that inherited fake Montblanc pens and had no idea their relative had fake pens in their extensive collection! Oftentimes customers don't realize it is against the law in the USA to sell or present counterfeit goods for sale in the USA. In some cases the customers are completely innocent and did not realize their product was counterfeit. But, more often than not, the customers are merely trying to see if they can pass off their counterfeit iPhone or fake AirPods as authentic and get a payout, walking away with cash in their pocket. Some counterfeit devices are harder to detect than others, but here at Jay Brokers we've seen quite a bit over the last 20+ years, so in most cases our team will catch and identify the fake items relatively quickly. All that to say, if you present an item for sale to Jay Brokers that is a replica, counterfeit, or fake, we will easily be able to determine that it is such, and under no circumstances are we able to buy goods that are counterfeit, fake, or replicas.

If you're uncertain whether the device you posses is a fake or counterfeit, but perhaps you're suspicious, the best option is to be transparent upfront and mention upfront that you're not sure if your item is authentic when you request an offer. After all, there's nothing illegal or wrong against inquiring and asking for help. In those cases our team will gladly assist you in evaluating your item to determine if it is real or fake. Typically we'll ask you for some detailed pictures of the item, and then we may follow-up with additional questions for clarity. All this can take place from the convenience of your home through email. In the end, we'll give you our honest opinion and let you know if your item is counterfeit or authentic. If it is counterfeit, there is no harm in you personally owning the item itself, but again it becomes a problem and violation of the law the moment you attempt to sell a counterfeit or fake item in the USA. So, if we determine your item is indeed counterfeit, we're unable to purchase it in our shop here, and you should not attempt to sell it elsewhere either.

Penalties for selling counterfeit goods in the USA can range from 10 years imprisonment for first-time offenders to 20 years or more for repeat offenders with fines adding up to $2 million or more. Bottom line, if you're trying to sell counterfeit goods you'll eventually be found out and the penalty is severe, so it's not something to take lightly. Here at Jay Brokers we have a zero tolerance policy for all forms of criminal and illegal activity and we work closely with law enforcement to ensure customers that attempt the sale of counterfeit goods are prosecuted accordingly.

In summary, customers who knowingly present counterfeit merchandise to Jay Brokers are subject to a range of fines and penalties set forth by local jurisdictions. It's certainly a headache for us dealing with customers who attempt to sell fake or counterfeit items, but it does happen from time to time. And, in each case the customer always regrets the decision to try and sell counterfeit products, as not only are the items handed over the law enforcement, but the customer also gets in trouble with the law. The bottom line is, here at Jay Brokers we have a zero tolerance policy for customers that attempt to sell us goods that are fake or counterfeit. We always cooperate with law enforcement to the fullest extent, and customers who attempt to knowingly solicit counterfeit merchandise will always be handed over to law enforcement including any and all contact information, IP addresses, and any forensic evidence such as fingerprints and DNA on the device itself or packaging. Customers contemplating selling fake goods to Jay Brokers should be forewarned that we do not accept them under any conditions whatsoever, and those customers who attempt to sell lost or stolen goods to Jay Brokers will always regret the decision given our zero tolerance policy and cooperation with law enforcement.

The bottom line is, if you're thinking about selling counterfeit or fake items to Jay Brokers, it will be viewed as criminal activity and if prosecuted, it could result in hefty fines or even jail time. We do not accept counterfeit merchandise under any circumstances, period.